Wat’s new? or "work in progress" For a long time, my blog has served me as "mirror site" for my press releases that were published in various other locations as the site of Pedagogical Notebooks and that of France 5 education. But the new version of Blogger led me to make some adjustments, and one thing led to build a blog that has a bit more pace and seems (almost) brand new! So, it makes me want to write more and are no longer content with the press reviews to develop a little more my thoughts on education (as also shows the title of the blog). I do not know if I will keep that commitment because making the is already in itself an important task I force myself past three and a half years. How come the press review? I spend about an hour and a half a day minimum to achieve it. Obviously I mostly read the papers on the web and I favorite all sites I visit. As and when my consultation, I copy in a Word template page with already ready HTML codes, items that seem interesting. So there is a fast read phase articles and "copy and paste" pretty mechanical and routine. During this consultation, I will identify items that seem most interesting and, along with this harvest, ideas for chapo come to me. This is obviously the part that amuses me most and that I take the most fun to do. Although on some days, you really have to rack their brains to find an idea …! Then, once the complete, I will publish on the blog and on the Cahiers site. It’s not over yet, since I also sent by email (in fact, this is just the lead-in with the link to the web pages) to thirty people and two mailing lists including, of course , one of the members of CRAP Evolution Indeed, this began as a distributed by email and designed only to members of the CRAP, movement of which I am member since 1995. in May 2003, during the movement social where teachers were very present, I began this review of articles that evoked this occupation (which I practice since 1981 …). Initially, there were just under Articles 3 or 4 newspapers and the link to the newspaper’s website. Very simple. As I already mentioned right here, it’s in September 2004 I opened this blog and I gave more breadth in this press review. In early 2005, when redesigning the site of Pedagogical Notebooks, it was integrated into the homepage as we decided to develop a logical "bi-media" for our movement. The monthly magazine features articles of reflection and the site a more immediate reaction to the news. In some national newspapers, we went today to twelve websites Information given with both paper daily, continuous information sites and agency dispatches. In a few lines, the preamble has become an increasingly large text. Since the beginning of the school year 2006-2007, on the advice of a colleague of my high school, this text is like the "format" blog requires , full of links to anything that may be related to the my subject (newspapers, websites, attachments, images do a homework
…). Mathias thank you! (Although sometimes I do not appreciate it because it’s still a job more …) Where and when? All over ! I can start the early in the morning and sometimes finish very late. When I was in high school at lunchtime with my USB key, I will work on computers in the staff room to move me. When the Internet connection works … I happened also to "squat" computers to my parents or friends. As this review incorporates the World, I anyway have to wait for the publication of publishing articles dated the following day that is (more later) in the afternoon. It has become an exercise may seem routine but which is always different. As a teacher, eventually … or Stop? Again. But it is true that this blog-magazine release is still a major constraint in a very busy time. One to two hours a day, it’s not nothing, it is paid to sleep level. At the same time, I think that this exercise is rewarding (mentally, of course), and it accommodates those who read this column. On average 250 people on 500 sites and if you add the two mailing lists read this column. It encourages me to continue. This also encourages me, it’s the little messages or comments that I receive. Yes, I confess, like many people, I "walk the compliment!" The days where I have to force myself a little, it is these messages that I think to motivate me. It also allows me to express myself. However, I try to stick to the very particular exercise of the press review. This is not the same as an editorial or an article. We must first realize what we have read, report that deserves to be, before eventually distilling (in small doses) his personal opinion. We must also find a fall, transitions like any writing exercise like this. So obviously, there are better times than others, some where there is inspiration and others where we train (and it’s not gay …). Some tell me that I should keep my columns, there is something to do with … I believe, instead, that this work is the domain of the ephemeral and it finally just fine! Posted by Watrelot on Thursday, January 25, 2007